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Friday, September 25, 2009   9:40 PM

twilight saga.

i am hopelessly addicted to the whole twilight series. unlike others before me, it took me quite some time to understand the excitement of young teenagers who scurry for the whole series just to get satisfy their craving for edward cullen. in my case, im craving for jacob black.

it sounds insane really. the last time i've ever got hooked onto any series for a good matter of time was charmed. mum and us watched the whole series on telly, season 6 onwards and whilst im not a very good collector of books, i do have some of the charmed series, rotting away on the bookshelves. i was 14 then when the fantasy started for me.

im 19 now, and nothing has changed. mum loved edward cullen the first time she set eyes on him. we rented the dvd to watch overnight though we were all reluctant to return it the very next day. the second in series, new moon is due to come out in the theatres on 20/11/09 and i've done my homework watching the trailers that are due to come out. mum got all the 4 books in the series, and i've recently just started on the second one. did i mention i got charmaine to sigh at the sight of jacob black's tight built? HAHA hilarious and her boyfriend's stick material.

well guys can think of sex every 52 seconds, well we girls can dream of it almost as good a timing as you guys.

Monday, July 27, 2009   10:57 PM

saturday 25th july,
part a- hilary's boat harbour and icecream!

awesome day out especially when you havent seen sun in a week. i guess you cant expect much out of winter, the rains come with it and so does the cold winds. as i had my day off from work, i took a 2 hour drive with rima, my ex-driving instructor (i've passed my driving assessment rmb? ) to hilary's boat harbour. boy, have i not been up north in ages!
i'm not sure how mum's reaction would be if i told her i had a $100 lesson because i wanted to drive out and not around thornlie area- i reckon it wont be good. i doubt no one can get away with 15-min driving around your area for a 25hour clock-in period. mum doesnt really drive around much and when she does, it's only to the nearby shops for groceries which ideally means i dont get enough experience on the roads! if i were to clock my required 25hour for my logbook- then i'll rather spend $1250 on driving lessons, but then again, it's easier done than said (that's if i had the lessons behind mum's back:D)
anyway, hilary's boat harbour was beautiful. no wonder they called it the 'rich man's hideaway'- as the name suggests, it's a place where boats are docked at the harbour and not just any kind of boats, yatchs (is that how you spell it bahh) if i were to plan a second trip there, it'll be for the icecream and the half priced bikinis and bathing suits! while we were there, we took a 20min tour around the harbour and rima treated me to a gorgeous cookies and cream icecream, gorgeous because even gelare doesnt even smash your icecream up with your choice of selected topping of which, i had to go with snickers;D who else would you have gone for? m n' ms were a good choice too:D
part b- tara's 20th birthday drinks @ carnegies till late night
great night out other than the fact i had to take public transport in the cold- grrr i cant wait to get my license. since my last booze, i cant rmb how much i could drink to be even sane enough to take the train and bus home so i only had one, 'better be safe!' haha ! it's tough always to open up to others whenever you're the only hot asian in the group:D then again, i didnt know anyone else there. i've only met tara once at bradley's 19th and she's an awesome brunette;D i was a lil disappointed i couldnt club that night though, i had on my party shoes:(but no ride home, no late night clubbing- that's the rule (and i dont wanna go wasting $25-30 for a taxi fare home, especially if im the only one in the cab with the driver).
ps: baby, i miss it when you'll sleep over at my place after we get home from clubbing- at least the taxi ride wasnt that boring:D (next time, stay till breakfast- you know i dont wake up till noon when im half tispy! HA! )

  9:50 PM

stealing junk off the streets isnt a crime!

as they say it 'one man's junk is another man's treasure' so technically speaking, i ain't a thief and neither am i stealing, so... why was it mum was cracking up so badly when she got my message on the phone? (general junk collection tmr so we decided to rob some junk;D) even dad was worried when she suddenly cracked up. HAHA.

correction- there was only A mastermind behind it and no one else to do the dirty job of stealing the junk home except me, its pathetic really when you're the only one who sees the value of these junk lying about on the streets. (A because there was only one person who carried the plan out and because my name concidentally starts with A as well- who knew i had a talent for stealing no-man's junk? triple A student too. ) i mean really, the houseowners clearly dont want it because they dont have a use for it, but we do:D

if the junk hasnt been cleared in the next few days by the town council, i might go junk-spotting again. mum's excited about the idea of me stealing an unwanted bbq- it's doesnt have the fancy settings to it, just a grill and a hood- just the ones you'll have to buy coal and start your own fire kind- i'm just hoping no one beats me to it or i dont get spotted for stealing. so far, i've stolen an old drinks crate so mum would find it easier to wash the top of her car and 3 really dusty patio chairs- but hell they were in such good condition!

wish me luck!

Saturday, July 18, 2009   11:37 PM

Seriously, im hopless at this.

i havent got a craving to blog for a very long time. it's always been facebook whenever im online- and i spend a good 1-1.5 hours on it playing games like mafia wars (im pathetic, i know and elvin hates it when my attention drifts from him to the games).

semester two starts on the 27th july. last semester's results were pretty good though charmaine has yet again stolen the spotlight with 4 grade 9's in her units, that's at least 90% on each of her 4 units. im pretty impressed with my grade 8's and 7's (at least i've maintained my score:D).
1. Introductory Econometrics 211- 7
2. Macroeconomics 100 - 8
3. Law Contract 101 - 7
4. Introductory Finance 201 - 8

my term holidays have been a complete bore. it's been months since i last put on my dancing shoes. shopping's definate with the winter sales on and boy have i been spending. in fact, i've been spending more than i've earnt. i cant help it especially when there hasnt been much hours for me. i've tried finding a second job to bring in the extra income for shopping. trust me, the newspapers, online job search websites or even walking through shopping malls scouting for available openings, i've done all that.

for a short period of time, i've tried a direct sales marketing job with optus doing door-to-door sales. the pay's definately lucrative- considering it's commisson based pay but mum didnt like the idea that i would be knocking on peoples' doors alone esp during the sunset hours. i decided to put the job on hold till i get my driving liscence, (i cant rmb if i mentioned this before, i passed my driving assessment, all i have to do now is wait 6 months before i take an online assessment before im given my liscence) plus i reckon direct sales marketing's a tough one esp for a 19 year old to handle.

i've got a second job with nandos chicken now although i reckon i'll be facing the same problem again, the lack of work hours allocated. i guess with the recession, no one can afford to hire you for that many hours if not someone else cant work those hours. besides, i've been lucky to even be hired during these tough times, i guess i cant argue much.

Friday, May 01, 2009   6:09 PM

how to deal with a recession

it's written all over the papers, and is one hot topic for discussion by almost every news station that seeks to get cover scoops on the lastest downtrends in the market. the recession. the downfall of the economy. we've all heard it before and we've all had our fair share of dealing with the tightening of our budget. families are cutting down on food expenses, i know mine is- charmaine's especially particular about spending on cravings, (that includes the icecream, yoghurt and candies), even birthday presents have a budget to work towards to -_ -'' giving the obvious reason that money have saved during the upcoming tough times.

here's what i've done on my part to save up for the rainy days ahead:
  1. when you're running low on shampoo and hair conditioner, use your sister's without her knowing, to avoid having to buy new ones
  2. when mum does get chocolates, scurry for them to bring to school instead of having to buy from the vending machines, and do not leave evidence behind!
  3. buying new clothes to stay in fashion can be hard on your budget, so buy accessories instead- it lessens your guilt since they're cheaper, and yet you can still proudly say ' i went on a shopping spree!'
  4. use your sister's makeup even though their skin tone doesnt match with yours, saving on makeup can equate to at least 2 meals !
  5. olive oil works equally well as with your typical makeup removable- and its cheaper!
  6. instead of buying haircream to smoothen out your split ends, olive oil again works really well.
  7. forget the face or skin moisturizer- olive oil!
  8. save up on bus rides to and fro from work to home by working nearby your place- bus 11 comes every minute or so.
  9. when it comes to lunch, scout for cheap meals around campus. while 7.90 can get you a small pasta, the bookmark cafe offers the same small pasta WITH wedges on the side for the same 7.90
  10. have lunch with your guy friends, they are usually obliged to pay for your meal;D

Monday, April 27, 2009   11:52 PM

my 19th birthday.

it wasnt anything special. just home-cooked food and the couch; throw in a really good movie and company, that was how my 19th was spent on the 24th of april. i must dedicate my entire blog entry to the really mouth-watering tiramisu cake mum got especially upon my request;D if this was how close i could get to experiencing heaven every time i took a bite of my cake, i'll always ask for seconds.

it was so good mum didnt even protest to the use of coffee as a key ingredient in the tiramisu. mum detests the smell and taste 'the coffee bean' and the whole idea of how we can all enjoy a cuppa while she has to make two cups of coffee a day in the office for dad. other than that, she enjoys her job.

at least my 19th was a whole lot better than my 17th. i shall not dwell into the past again but my 17th was horrible, not even the birthday cake could lift my spirits up. so while i got a television for the house on my 18th birthday, just so we could watch 'ghost whisperer' at 8.30pm, we didnt do anything special this 19th, since i had school in the morning and driving in the afternoon. we couldnt go out for dinner since charmaine had a test in the evening at university. but it really doesnt matter, mum bought duck and we had chicken and fish dishes as well. she opened her last bottle of wine as well to celebrate my 19th birthday.

the presents i got for my 19th:
  1. a hair straighterner- from charmaine and sharon
  2. grandma's red packet -$20
  3. aunty irene's red packet - $20
  4. mum's red packet -$50

as elvin would say it, i could never give up the idea of shopping if i had money in my pocket;D true enough, i went shopping today with $90 to spend from the red packets i collected over my 19th birthday:D i kinda went over my budget by a few dollars haha, not really surprising. i bought a pair of jeans, a clubbing attire, a grey scarf and a high-waist belt all for just $129.75. teehee. i admit the clubbing attire was bought on impulse- it cost me $60, but you'll love the butterfly design on the silver dress attire when you do see it soon. i had to peel my eyes away from buying boots as charmaine wanted to buy with me, should they have a ' buy one get one free sale' she reckons we could split the price then. bugger.

im incredibly happy today, i actually did some reading up on introductory finance 201 and finished up on the tutorial for it as well. amazing! i guess the $129.75 was indeed well spent today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009   11:06 PM

the busy bee.

if blogging were homework, i would have failed it miserably;D i feel bad for not filing you guys on the updates in my life yet so far. i havent been exactly diligent in what i proclaim in my past few blogs either about blogging regularly.

'if the table is right, the writing will come' - extract from the 'sex and the city' movie. i do know in my case, it's not the table's fault i've been having the writer's block. it's either my bad judgement of time that has led blogging to this state because im busy off somewhere else or i just havent had a clue as to what to write about these days anymore.

anyway, today's a special day. it's the day before my 19th birthday. if my computer clock was set right and since daylight savings are over already- it should most probably be 48 mins away from midnight, though rightfully, i would only turn 19 by 11.00am on my special day;D God gave me one of his very special blessings today. the blessing of a woman. it cant be considered a birthday gift since i've already had it. i had my period. today, yes of all days to begin with, the day before i turned 19th. really, there was something always about when i receive those blessings...

the first i received His special gift was when i turned 12, and yes it was a day to remember as well. chistmas day, the 25th dec. i vividly remember mum was so overjoyed she made a toast in my honour of becoming the 3rd lady in the household. sharon was infertile then :D it was embarrassing, my cousins all jeered at me but it was all good fun haha!

there were a couple more special occasions when i received His gift again. one of which was chinese new year and i didnt even had to wear red underwear. haha!

i guess the only explaination i could think of at the moment was that i was due and the stress from all the mid semester tests i had this week just made it come. no idea really. im done with 3 tests so far all within a 3 day span and 1 more on my birthday- i saved the easy lab test for my birthday;D

tutorial classes were almost empty today. for an average class size of 11, only 3 of us came for tutorial, pathetic really and the 'i need to study for my mid semester tests' excuse is really unforgivable, but i guess as long as the tutors get their paycheck, no one cares really do they? i had to run off for work in an hour, of which 40 mins were taken up by the bus ride home and 15 for me to change into my work uniform and rush off to work.

thank god, my workplace is only 8 mins away;D work was really boring today- i stayed at the back most of the time, doing the dishes that piled up high in the sink because no one else wanted to do the dirty work. im fine with it really, with dishes, i could work at my own pace. serving customers, na ah. why do you think everyones' about 'fast customer service'? seriously, i could never bring myself to eat another lagsana- i really dont know how you spell it, knowing the hard pains it must have taken out of that poor girl at the back kitchen from all the scrubbing of 'crap' off the steel tins -_ -''

Wednesday, April 08, 2009   11:20 PM

easter break.

there's nothing much planned for these two weeks off school during the easter break; just loads of mid semester tests right after we're back in our curriculum. hell's just going to break loose come this friday when sharon gets her 4 day break from school- monday being a public holiday as well.

its just going to be the three of us girls this easter. unlike all other years, where we would have easter celebrations or easter hide-and-seek games with the rest of the relatives, this year would just be spent at home for dinner between the three of us. while woolworths and coles are packed with parents rushing to get last minute easter eggs and party materials, our weekly trips there would just be for groceries. sad really.

mum flew back to singapore to help dad with his accounts just a week ago, and we're still adjusting w/o her around. there's definately more screaming and arguing in the household over 'who does what'. i reckon when we do start university- the walls will come tumbling down. HA. so far, we've agreed that only sharon and charmaine does the cooking as the saying goes, 'too many cooks spoil the broth' - i would just add on to the trouble. besides, i cant cook what can i even contribute aye? HA. i end up doing the dirty work, washing up after dinner since it's all i can ever do, without wrecking dinner since it's in our stuffed bellies already. the watering of plants and ironing of clothes are my duties as well since i'm the only one who leaves for university later than the rest. -_ -'' grrr. charmaine does the dry-mopping once in a while.

now that's just some of the chores we have agreed to- its the ones that we dont, that's when things get ugly. but i guess we all forget about it after a while. afterall, we only have ourselves to depend on. if no one does it- there's no other sucker. ha, sry mum, we're not saying we take advantage of you. but you're always SOO nice!